Best Tips for Boom Beach Players

We all know what Boom Beach is, or at least most of us. For those that are not acquainted with this game title, Boom Beach is base defense strategy game for Android and iPhone. It was first released in Canada in 2013, and soon the expanded to a worldwide market. What makes this game so great is its simplicity. The idea is to create a headquarters on one of the islands and attack and defend from other players that are attacking you to get more resources. The resources are of course important for upgrading your empire you the more victories you have, the richer you become.


So you’ve made an average base and you thoughts now are who to attack. Before you even consider attacking another player, island, there are some things to keep in mind. First of all, there is no need to attack just about anyone. You need to add casualties that expense to the equation. Every unit lost means resource lost, so scout before attacking and see how much resources you will get if you defeat that particular opponent. Of course, there are easier ways to get resources. There are lots of boom beach gems hack that you can use to play this game. Generator hack is the best way to get lots of gold in no time. Simply download this app from numerous boom beach related websites and use it to gain wealth. It doesn’t cost a thing, and all you need to do is click few times, and you will forget about resource problems.

Scout before you attack.

proof-2Before even thinking of attacking someone you should shout ahead rather than jumping into battle. You never know how strong the opponent will so take you time and inspect the headquarters they have. You can look for mines between the buildings or check how dense their defense perimeter is. Instead of clicking attack button on your display, notice and click on “Scout” instead. This will increase your chances of survival and furthermore make you prepared for the battle ahead. Which level mines are and how strong their sniper towers, mortars are will determine how you will want to approach the situation. Making a diversion by sending the first team from behind or side, or rushing into battle creating chaos and over number the opponent’s forces. Whatever approach you choose as your primary tactic, or shall we say plan A, you should see who you are going against first. There is a saying that goes like this: “ He who is well prepared has won half the battle already”. Knowing this we can only improve our way of fighting.

If you still aren’t convinced that these tactics are the best for novice players as well as advanced try them out before saying anything. Making your battle tactic perfect will bring you more victories and striving for perfection is always a good thing to keep in mind. Without progress there is no hope of improvement, this is when stagnation comes. To avoid this, we must be updated constantly and here you can do just that.

The Most Popular Game Mods for Gmod

Garry’s Mod or Gmod is a sandbox physics game derived from Half-Life 2 and launched as a standalone project in 2006. It turned out to be a great success, and today this game has hundreds of add-ons and game modes developed especially for its players. Since it is a sandbox game, it has no clear objectives and boundaries, which is why it allows so many source engines, modes and add-ons.


When you go online and search for Gmod add-ons and mods, you will find dozens and even hundreds of different ones. They are not only created by Facepunch Studios, but anyone can make their own and publish them online. Considering that you can download garry’s mod for free, it makes it possible to create and publish even more mods and download them free of charge.

Since the choice is so big and anyone can create these game mods, it may not be easy to choose ones that are good in quality and complexity. This is why in this article we bring you some of the best and the most popular mods for Gmod.

  1. Trouble in Terrorist Town – a mod for Gmod Trouble in Terrorist Town is similar to Mafia. The story is based on the group of terrorist among which there are traitors who are plotting to kill the rest. At the beginning of each game, around one quarter of players are supposed to be the traitors, while the others are innocent.
  2. DarkRP – this mod allows you to set the game so that it simulates urban life. You can play as an outlaw such gangster who robs people and sells guns; or you can be a cop who protects the city from the outlaws and gangsters. There are also other small and big roles, from mayor to café owner, and the points are gained in different ways depending on the role.
  3. Jailbreak – as the name says, this mod is placed inside a prison. There are two options for you as a player. You can try to escape and fight the guards, or you can follow orders, obey the rules and gain points this way.
  4. Prop Hunt – this interesting mod is basically designed as a game of hide and seek. The players are divided into Red and Blue team. At the beginning of each round, players of the red team have 30 seconds to disguise as props and hide and then Blue team members start looking for them and they should kill them in a certain period of time. After this, the teams take turn in hiding and finding.
  5. Minecraft – Minecraft stile the hearts of millions of players all over the world. While the oriinal game is suitable for kids, there is also a mod for Gmod where there is a lot of shooting, survival tactics and physics – but everything is placed inside the Minecraft world. If you are a Minecraft fan, you will certainly enjoy this mod for Garry’s Mod.

Top 10 Garry’s Mod Add-Ons

Garry’s Mod (Gmod) is a popular sandbox game today, played by millions of players around the world. The fun thing is that it was initially created as a mod for Half-Life 2. It became a standalone game in 2006, when the first version for Microsoft Windows was released. 5,700 copies were sold on the first day and since then, an average of 1,200 users buy the game very day. It is also possible to get gmod for free and play it on the PC as a regular version.

gmod addon

Since the game is so widespread, popular and has been around for 10 years, there are plenty of add-ons you can download. For example, Gmod Minecraft Mod is one of the popular ones, and we give you our choice of top 10 Gmod add-ons for 2016.

    1. Fallout Liberty Prime – by using this add-on, you get a huge robot from the game Fallout. It is rather powerful and strong, so it can be of great help while you play. However, if your enemy has one of these as well, it may be very difficult to defeat him.
    2. Wac Aircraft – this add-on includes a wide variety of aircraft you can actually fly in a game. They can be used on both single player and multiplayer server. At first, it may be difficult to fly them. But once you get some practice, you will see that this is truly a great addition to the game.
    3. Gmod Minecraft Mod – this is the mod loved by many users. Every Minecraft absolutely loves this add-on. As you can conclude from the name, this is the mod puts the game into Minecraft setting.
    4. Lightsaber – Star Wars fans will definitely like this add-on. It provides you with a lightsaber from Star Wars and it can destroy every enemy you encounter.
    5. Dual weapons – with this mod, you are allowed to hold and use two different weapons at the same time.
    6. M9k Weapon Pack – as the name says, with this add-on you get a pack of various weapons. Assault rifles, machine guns, submachine guns, pistols and even nukes are included in the pack.

  1. Media Player – this add-on allows you to watch YouTube videos without leaving the game. It can be of great help if you need some assistance in playing the game.
  2. Parakeet’s Pill Pack – with this add-on you can get pills which allow you to play as a number of non-player characters from Half-Life 2. This add-on also helps determine who is an ally and who is an enemy.
  3. Cinematic camera – this mod allows you to play the game from the first person, as if you would see in a movie. Some players do not find it convenient to play this way, but it is ideal if you make walkthrough or review videos.
  4. Gestures -this add-on allows your character to perform various dances and have gestures. Although it may not be too useful for the game itself, it ca be a lot of fun for playing the game with friends on multiplayer server.


Useful Clash of Clans tips

If you just started your clash of Clans adventure, you will need a lot of patience, clash of clans resource army strategy,  gems and few advices! We are bringing you several usefull tips and tricks that may save your day in Clash of Clans!

Do not break your shield!

The “Shield” has ability to protect your base from outside attacks for a certain period of time. Attack another village, while shield is still active and it will break, and this is something to be avoided. Only attack when shield drops – the game gives you a notification when there are 30 minutes left – maximize the time your mines can collectors and resources (for free) and reduces the risk of losing the trophies.

Join a clan!

A “clan” is a group of 50 players who can share the troops and go to war, and chat together within the game. You can create clan yourself, customize the settings and start seeing other players.Being in a clan has many advantages: You can go to war, your clansmen can fill your castle clan with additional troops, and it gives the game a greater sense of community.The rewards provided in Clan War are at the highest level, some players win up to one million in gold and elixir.

Upgrade defenses!

Use inexpensive strategies, such as “Barch.” Attacking strategies are very important in “Clash of the Clans.” Some are designed to do maximum damage (this includes “GOWIPE” which uses Golems, magicians, and PEKKAs), while others are more profitable. In the early stages of the game, using economic attacks such as (half barbarians, and a half archers) “Barch” means that the maximum amount of resources expended can be collected verses in training troops. Choosing the right basis – generally inactive with complete collectors – is important, but “Barch” can be used for tough villages as well.

Put the City outside the walls!

This is a strategy that prioritizes the loot more then trophies, allowing attackers easy access to the Town Hall for avoiding full attack.If you are looking to save for an upgrade, placing the Town Hall abroad can be a great help. It also gives you a “free” shield 12 hours after each attack that allows you to recover from the defeat.One of the keys to “Clash of Clans” The success is patience. You will need more than two years to complete all upgrades from scratch and setbacks will occur along the way. Keep calm and Clash on!

Tearaway Unfolded Playstation 4 Review

Tearaway is excellent game that made its first appearance on Vit, now it is published for Playstation 4. Developers didnt just ported game to  Playstation 4, the game was re-made from the beginning, with a lot improved things and added content. For additional infoo about certain ways how you can jump into the game check and start your Tearaway adventure.

In the game you will be in a role of a small messenger that has only one task – to deliver a massage to you. If you plug camera, you will be able to see yourself in the game, which is neat, new feature. But, let us go back to messengers in the game. Tearaway on Playstation 4 is bringing new areas and zomes that was not available in original release. It is not just areas that are added, story within a game is much longer and sme characters are also added in the gameplay, so this Playstation 4 version of the game is offering much more content than it was on original release. New thing that is introduced in this session is ability of your messanger to pick various objects and throw them to you.

At the same time you will have ability to control them at any moment of time. If you are using Android or iOS phone or tablet, you can simply connect your device and take a picture that will be immediately transferred into the game. The ebviorement in the game is very nice, and it is entirely made of paper. At the beginning you will not have all blueprints, but you can unlock them all as you progress in the game. So, the world is simply wonderfull, but the characters within are strange and quite unusual. That can be also said for various enemies that you will find along the way, like Scraps, minions of darkness and other various types of monsters. In your quest to save the world you will encounter different kind of enemies, some of them will be easy to defeat, while you will need to combine strategic elements to defeat more demanding enemies.

Howewer, encounters are not too hard, you will grasp basic combat techniques and principles very soon, almost naturally. So far, Tearawayis one of the best games that was originally published and released for Vista, published on Playstation 4. Developers improved many aspects of the game and made pleasant and enjoyable piece of digital entertainment, we may give ourselves freedom to say – a piece of digital art.

Best Tips For Winning at Instagram

Instagram became one of the most famous intended net sharing sites, where you can share your images in order to promote your business or your brand. But, it is not so easy to become successful on Instagram, therefore  we collected few practical tips and tricks that will help you to increase your visibility on Instagram.

When it comes to getting noticed few things are very important. Most net sharing sites like Facebook and twitter will suggest you to post regularly and, of course to be very active with other members of the society. You should also provide high quality content that will ensure your success. When it comes to Instagram one of the best tips that you can use is proper using of hashtags. Hashtags are extremely important on Instagram, because the users can find your image whith proper keywords or hashtags. You should use popular words and terms if you want to get free instagram followers and become noticed on Instagram. Popular words for example #dogs,#cats,#travelling and so on.

4444It is possible to post your image directly from your cell phone and you should use of these options as often as you can. You just add certain keywords to your image and remember to save it. If you do not have access to a computer, be sure to place a back up copy on some cloud-based server. Another options is to send e-mail from your self as additional backup option. 5555Another extremely important activity that you should perform regularly, is to take part in community activities as much as you can. You certainly noticed that there are many activities on Instagram that actually community activities. Such happenings on generating a huge amount of followers and likes, so if you take your part in such activities you will naturally increase the number of likes and followers for your profile. To take part in such activity, all you have to do is to follow others and find out when some social activity starts. When you find out the date of beginning, be sure to participate in such activity by placing images and photos that will support that activity. Instagram is actually very similar to human interaction in real life, so basically you will receive what you give. That means that you should be very active in giving your comments and likes to other persons, then you will be sure that you will receive their likes and comments as well.

Child of Two Worlds PS4 Review

Contrast is the game that will bring you platform puzzle solving headache, but if you are a serious gamer you will love it! The game is released on PC last year and this is a remake made for Playstation 4, so with free psn codes you can immediately jump into the game. The game itself is a indie game made by small studio, but nevertheless it brings interesting story and very original setting.

Basic storyline of the game is a nightmare and the struggle to obtain the light. You will play as the imaginary friend of a little girl named Dawn. The girl is having some hard times in the family, and your goal will be to help her in such difficult situation. Contrast is actually the game of the shadows; the whole setting of the game will give you a chilling feeling and some weird, spooky emotions. You can find all usual elements as you would expect from this game genre. The game offers a lot of running and jumping, but unique mechanic that is incorporated in the game is shifting mechanic. Shifting mechanic will allow your hero to transform itself in the shadow on the wall! When you enter shadow realm you can interact with other shadows and solving different puzzles.

So, in order to progress in the game you will need to find out when it is required to enter into the shadow realm, and when you should play as a regular boy. This shifting is quiet unique concept of the game. Besides that, Contrast offers usual game setting without any surprises. You may notice small glitches and few bugs related to frame rate and interaction with the environment, but nothing special to be worried about. Another aspect of these game, that is quite normal for puzzle solving game is the fact that it is linear and you will be supposed to follow the predestined path. The best part of the game are shadow puzzles, beside them the game looks like usual performer. You will notice sharp textures in the game and enjoyable graphics. Graphic designers done a great job, especially on shadow mechanic details.

As a conclusion, we may say that the Contast is very interesting game, but the game that does not have replay value. If you are looking for a simple puzzle platformer for your Playstation 4, Contrast is a very good choice for a day or two.

Power of Archers in Clash of Clans

The second unit in “Clash of Clans” and the first ranged unit is Archer. We decided to create short tutorial about Archers in the game, that will help you to create unstoppable ranged strategy! Let’s start!

Archers have low hitpoints and they deal moderate damage, but they can attack from a distance. That allows Archers to attack over the Walls and with additional upgrades they gain significant strength. You will need 25 seconds to produce one archer with supply cost of just one unit. Movement speed of archers is 24 tiles and they can target all kinds of units, ground and air. They do not have any preferred target, which makes them a perfect solution for the early game. Low cost and training time makes them one of the greatest units in the game. Upgrades are very important for archers specially upgrades from level 3 to level 5 when they gain much health.To speed your upgrades you can use clash of clans hack to gain necessary resources.

There are many strategies that you can apply with archers, in this short tutorial we will cover some of them. One of the well known combinations is barbarian and archer Army. It is best farming composition and a very useful for war battles and trophy hunting. You should take into consideration that archers are very fragile, so you need to protect them somehow. The best way to protect them is to spread them out and deploy them in several waves to prevent damage from Wizard Towers and Mortars. Never deploy all your archers or at the ones, because they can become easy target for defensive structures.

Besides that you should always protect your archers with some kind of tanking units that can protect them from initial defense. The best units for this role are barbarians or Giants. Arches are great units for destroying buildings like mines and barracks because they can attack them over the Wall. If you are using combination of barbarians and archers, basic strategy is very simple. You should deploy your barbarians and often they attack defensive structures, place your archers behind them at the moment when towers focused on Barbarians. One of the greatest advantages of using Arches is their ability to attack structures that are placed behind Walls, they can take out Archer Towers and Cannons very easily. The biggest problem for your Army will be Wizard Towers and Mortars. The best strategy in this case is to spread out your archers so that one hit can not kill all your units. Another possibility is to use Giants as shield and place your archers behind.

Wild Barbarian Guide

Strong and wild, Barbarian is actually the first unit that you will unlock in Clash of Clans. From the beginning of the game you should learn how to use this unit and how to improve your Clash of Clans experience. As you build your kingdom Barbarian will become the pillar of success and one of the most used units in the game. In this short tutorial we will display some basic tactics and techniques that will help you to play with this unit.

The Barbarian is first unit that you will have available in the game. Production time is very short, only 20 seconds for one unit. The supply cost is also minimum of just one unit per Barbarian, but you can in any case get additional resources with clash of clans hack. Barbarians are fast units their movement speed is 16 tiles and they can attack only ground units. They do not have any preferred targets, so they will attack any enemy nearby. They have a relatively low health and relatively low damage, but with very low production cost they can be produced in huge amounts and overrun enemy. Upgrades are very important for Barbarian, they will gain a lot of strength particularly from level 3 level 4. From that point Barbarians are very useful for farming or for trophy hunting. You can use them up to Tow Hall level 9. Barbarians are infantry units in Clash of Clans, they are cheap and replaceable. Almost all armies have certain amount of Barbarians within their ranks, but we will concentrate on a few specific strategies that are based almost exclusively on Barbarians.

Barbarians are great units if you want to farm resources or you about trophy hunting. You can train them very quickly and they are not expensive. Even in the case that you lose a battle you cannot lose much because they are cheap and you can rebuild your Army very fast. Most of all, you must understand how to deploy barbarians, how to attack and how to deal damage to Clan Castle units. Let us first discuss deployment of barbarians in the game. As you know, they have very low health, so you need to protect them with some kind of units. The best unit for this role is giant. The good strategy is to place one giant before 10 or 15 barbarians. Deploy your Army on that way, Giants will protect your barbarians and you will be victorious.

Barbarians are very important units in Clash of Clans. We just started our barbarian guide, next time we will reveal some interesting tips and tricks about this unit.

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt Playstation 4 Review

Welcome to the glorious world of The Witcher 3! New game in a successful franchise The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is a gigantic, detailed rpg perfection that will give you unbelievable fantasy roleplaying experience. In many aspects this game is one of the finest games ever made for Playstation 4.

The Witcher 3 is extremely detailed RPG the game in open-world. The world itself is cute, you will be able to wander around and discover its secrets, hunting for lost treasures and solely quests. Dynamic weather and the cycle of day and night are creating extraordinary atmosphere within the game. You will feel wind and sunshine while you are climbing the narrow mountain pass. Honestly, this is one of the most authentic- open worlds ever made. The game itself is fascinating combination of story and open world discoveries where you have complete freedom of choice. The newly open world support basic story and detailed begins as a search for lost lover Yennifer. There are many excellent dialogues and voice acting within the game and you will enjoy in casual chatting with various NPCs within the game.There are many side quests that you can pick up along the way.


You will find everything that you may expect from a title, bandit camps, dark dungeons and a lot of hunting contracts. You will discover ancient lands and dark realms inhabited with all kind of dangerous creatures and monsters. Hunts and other side activities provide interesting insights into a land and the history of the realm. In this game you will find no paragon or renegade rating, the only cause and effect are your decisions in the game. Leveling system in The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is extremely detailed and complex. Real RPG fans will find great pleasure in building their character; newcomers may find it a little bit overwhelming. wide open world expect players to be prepared for everything that may be rating around the corner.

witcher 3 psn


All in all, skills and customization of your character are supremely well done in the game. Spells or Signs in the game are improved with variety of upgrades and they are much more effective than in previous versions of the game. You will be able to combine different approaches and the new skill system provides huge flexibility and almost endless combinations. The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is one of the best Playstation 4 titles available on the marker. If you cannot purchase this game for your Playstation console we advise you to look for unused psn network card numbers so you could buy witcher 3 and find out for yourself why is this game so good. Do not hesitate to play this game, it is one of the best game ever made!